Make digital your competitive edge.

Our Mission at Fratzke Media is simple - we make digital your competitive edge.
As a Digital Marketing Consultancy, based in Orange County California, we deliver first class data-driven insights, ideas and strategies with premium service to drive transformative results for your business.

Grounded in principles.

Truth Tellers

We’ll tell you the truth - no matter what. We’re a Consultancy, and that means we are on your team. We are transparent during every step of our process so you can make better business decisions, faster.

Keep It Simple

Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Our Solution Engineering and Digital Marketing Consulting Partnerships are built on this principle. We’ve worked hard to simplify Digital Marketing for max impact.

Provide 11-Star Service

We have high service standards - five, six, and even seven-star service doesn’t come close. We aim to exceed our partner’s expectations with every interaction. Our mission is to make your job easier with 11-star service.

Drive Innovation

We believe curiosity is a hallmark of innovation. We seek to fully understand your business and identify the most strategic and creative solution based on our 10+ years of experience in the industry, along with our library of data-driven insights and research.

Teach Don’t Reach

We are committed to educating our clients. At Fratzke Media, we teach you the Digital Marketing principles that work. Popular convention is to reach for more money from clients. We think differently. Our principle is to teach, not reach.

Solution Engineers

We won’t try to sell you on ideas. Although sales are a vital part of any business - it’s not our job to sell you more stuff. It’s our job to understand the roadblocks in front of your business and create solutions that overcome them.

Clarity of purpose.

Our co-founders have worked with over 40 of the biggest brands in retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, construction, entertainment, and more. After consulting with clients from San Francisco to Bentonville, Arkansas - James and Ryan realized that every business, whether well-known or just getting started, can transform with a principles-based approach to Digital Marketing.

That’s how Fratzke Media was born, out of a deep desire to help businesses like yours grow.

Our team of Solution Engineers.

Our Digital Marketing Solution Engineers specialize in many areas.
If you have a marketing problem, Fratzke Media can solve it.


Whether you’re looking to build a winning digital strategy, understand your market position, strengthen your core, or find growth opportunities, our team of experienced Consultants can help.


Our team of seasoned developers are thoroughly vetted and meet our rigorous standards, so you can trust you’re working with experts who understand your unique needs.

Content Writers

Our content writers are creative experts who write with the end in mind. We create content that is pleasing to the soul and Google alike. Infused with SEO best practices, you can rest assured your content will rank on search results.


If you’re looking for a refreshed design on your website or other assets across the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing, including Social Media, Email Marketing, or Digital Ads, our designers can help.

Data Scientists

Easy to work with, our experienced Data Scientists can transform your business through their expertise. Gain deeper insights with a data-driven strategy, encompassing data collection, testing, and reporting across the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing.

SEO Experts

Our SEO Experts are laser-focused on your first-page domination. We create and optimize your content for winning search and beating the competition.