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Personalized Digital Marketing Training

At Fratzke, we believe it’s critical to teach our partners how to fish. This means that in addition to crafting an impactful strategy tailored to your business, we’ll walk with you as we work together to understand where you are and help get you to where you want to go.

Documented digital guides.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need in order to succeed. Your team will receive access to our collection of documented insights that encompass the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing. These step-by-step guides help you understand how digital marketing campaigns work. We also invest considerable time and energy into understanding your business. We want to know who your digital competitors are and provide insights that help you leapfrog the competition. This knowledge is encapsulated in a Prioritized Action Plan (PAP). This roadmap helps you focus on the digital marketing strategies that will move the needle and maximize your ROI.

Personal time with our digital experts.

The documentation our team of Solution Engineers provide you with will be approachable and impactful. But nothing compares to the impact of a one-on-one conversation with our digital marketing gurus. Our partners meet with us on a monthly basis to discuss progress, ask questions and recalibrate their approach to their brand’s digital marketing. This helps to refocus your energy and resources on the strategies that are delivering real growth for your business. This level of access to our team gives you the tools and resources you need in order to become an expert in marketing your business.

Your Digital Marketing toolkit.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need in order to be effective - but we don’t want to bury you in an avalanche of information. We’ve broken down every facet of digital marketing into these different programs. We’ll customize them for you to provide an honest assessment of where you are, and a roadmap that gets you to where you want to go. 

Prioritized Action Plan Management

The PAP is a prioritized list of objectives we think are important to helping your brand grow. Based on your team’s level of experience, we can provide project management and strategic guidance to ensure you generate the best possible ROI.

Standard Campaign Documentation

We’ll provide your team with a collection of step-by-step guides. These easy-to-follow playbooks cover the best practices for executing every aspect of your digital marketing.

Team Development & Training

We can also meet with your team on an ongoing basis to answer questions and reinforce key concepts. We’ll customize our guidance to help your brand perform across the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing.

Team Recruitment Support

We have experience building out internal marketing teams for our partners. Fratzke can handle job descriptions, resume assessments, candidate interviews and strategic recommendations to build a best-in-class team to drive growth.


Your company’s website is the cornerstone of your digital presence. We can optimize or even build a new site that sets the right tone to authentically connect with your customers online.


We ensure that your brand is presented to potential customers when they search for information related to your products and services.

Content Marketing

We leverage targeted content to establish your brand as an expert in your space.

Local Search

When someone nearby searches for your products and services, we can position your brand to reach them before the national brands.

Email Marketing

Establish a personal connection with an engaged audience. The right message in your customer’s inbox can drive sales with minimal expense.

Digital Ads

Generate fast growth with sophisticated targeting to customers ready to make a buying decision.

Social Media

This fast-changing environment requires the right messaging to communicate with your customers.We’ll help you optimize your channels.

Reputation Management

By strategically engaging with customer reviews, we can build and enhance your online reputation.

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