Lisa Fratzke Discusses the 5Cs of Authentic Executive Communications at Ragan's Conference

April 2023 - Fratzke Consulting is proud to announce that Lisa Fratzke, partner at Fratzke Consulting, participated as a panelist at Ragan’s Public Affairs and Speech Writing Conference. The event focused on enhancing executive communications across various platforms.

In her panel, "The Podium and Beyond: 5 Cs of Speaking with One Authentic Voice Across All Venues," Lisa explained why cultivating a human-centered approach is essential for delivering powerful and authentic messages from executive leadership.

She discussed how detailed surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews are instrumental in understanding stakeholder needs and crafting messages that resonate deeply and authentically.

The session also delved into the role data, empathy, and authenticity play in positioning an executive's message to align closely with audience preferences and the optimal communication channels. With the current emphasis on multichannel delivery, Lisa provided insights into using new tools and platforms that aid executives in maintaining a consistent voice, whether through internal CEO town halls or public social media statements.

Lisa also explained how artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, can aid in generating speech outlines and enhancing content delivery, ensuring leaders can focus on authenticity and empathy.

The full content of this impactful session is available exclusively to members of the conference and can be accessed online for further learning.

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