Internal Communications Audit:

Get the Data You Need to Drive Employee Engagement & Results

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Get valuable employee feedback, data and analysis you can trust

From record low unemployment to increased employee turnover to an increasingly disconnected workforce, it’s more important than ever for internal communications to deliver impact and results. Our Internal Communications Audit can help you measure your impact, adapt to change internally and externally and chart a winning path forward.

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Gain 360 degrees of clarity.

Get a clear understanding of your internal communications performance to help you achieve your goals and inspire your workforce.

Fratzke's Internal Communications audit Will Help:

Understand Performance

Get the reliable data you need to make faster, smarter decisions

Define Your Audience

Better understand and define your audience through gathering real time feedback

Set Your Strategy

Use data and competitive intel to inform the strategic path forward

Gain Executive Buy-In

Get the data you need to showcase the value of internal communications

Increase Engagement

Gain insights that improve your employee engagement

Performance Metrics

Open and Click Through Rate
Additional Available Metrics

Channels + Content Review

User Experience
Brand Storytelling
Best Practice Checklists
SWOT Analysis

Employee Feedback

Employee Survey
Employee Focus Groups
Employee Interview

I.C. Department Assessment

I.C. Team Survey
I.C. Team Discussion Groups
I.C. Team Interviews

Assess your performance in

Are your internal communications engaging your audience? We work with your team to collect valuable performance data, employee feedback and assess your channels and messaging to provide an in-depth SWOT analysis to get a 360 degree view of where you are and where you want to go.

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How our internal communications audit works

1. Define Scope

Define scope of audit, including:
  • Channels
  • Audience
  • Team Members

2. Collect Data

Work with team to gather:
  • Channel Access
  • Performance Data
  • Team Assessment
  • Employee Feedback

3. Analyze Data

Analyze gathered data:
  • Communications Channels
  • Company Messaging
  • Performance Data
  • Team & Employee Feedback

4. Deliver Findings

Deliver audit report, including:
  • Performance Data
  • Content & Channels Assessment
  • Team Assessment
  • Employee Feedback

What you'll receive as part of your

Internal Communications Audit

Your internal communications audit report

Get a full understanding of your organization's internal communications in our comprehensive audit report. Our report includes an executive summary, along with key performance data across hundreds of metrics, benchmarks, deep analysis, scores and best practice recommendations.

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Measure the key performance indicators that matter most

In our proprietary internal communications audit, we'll measure the KPIs that matter most in assessing your communications performance and audience engagement so that you can understand how your performance stacks up.

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Are you communicating the right message on the right channels?

We'll perform a full internal channel and messaging review to identify if you are using the right channels to connect the right audience with the right message, including an in-depth SWOT analysis.

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Identify opportunities to increase efficiency and growth

We measure and assess your communications team's operational effectiveness through our Five Ps Framework, which include: Performance, Process, People, Platforms and Process to identify areas of opportunity to increase efficiency, collaboration and growth & development.

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Get Trusted Data to Understand Your Audience

We'll perform a survey to truly understand your audience's communications preferences, including the topics that matter most, how they like to receive communication and more.

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Running your own audit can be painful.
Unlock the power of our internal communications audit.

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Access expert analysis of your brand's communications efforts and performance.

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Let our team guide you through our proven process and cut down hundreds of hours of work.

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Get data you can trust to assess your communications performance and better understand your employees.

Why conduct an internal communications audit

  • You are unsure of your internal communications performance. Are you hitting the mark?
  • You’d like to prove the value of internal communications to executives and you need data to tell your story.
  • Your brand has not updated their internal communications strategy to meet evolving workforce needs.
  • You’d like to increase your I.C. budget and invest in the channels that will help drive engagement.
  • You're new to the company and need an unbiased review of current I.C. strategies and performance.
  • You’d like to implement culture change and would like to understand how communications can help.

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