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Get the data-based insights you need about your customers and competitors with Fratzke’s suite of market research services, including customers surveys, interviews, focus groups, competitive research and more. We take a human-centered approach in analyzing data and pulling out key insights about your audience to help inform the path forward. We work closely with our clients to understand your knowledge gaps, assumptions and areas of opportunity to design a market research solution that is designed to deliver insights you can act on.

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Our Customer Insights & Market Research Expertise

Our Market Research Process

Our market research process begins with the end in mind. We seek to understand your goals, assumptions, knowledge gaps, and how you will use the data to design a research framework and/or survey that will help deliver the answers you need. We work side by side with your team to deliver clear, actionable insights, to help you make data-based decisions and accomplish your goals.

Fratzke Can Help You:

Step 1 - Client & Customer Discovery

We work with you to deeply understand your business, your audience, and how the research will be used to inform decision-making and strategies. We collect as much information as possible during this phase of the journey. This process can typically take 1-2 weeks.

Step 2 - Market Research Design

Next, we design a market research framework that will help deliver the answers you are looking for. This may include surveys, focus groups, interviews, and/or additional qualitative and quantitative research. We provide you with framework and design to review and approve to ensure alignment. Based on the complexity of the project, this process can take 2-8 weeks to complete.

Step 3 - Engage in Market Research Process

Once the market research design is approved, we execute on our plan with precision. Our process combines industry-leading platforms, thorough analysis, consumer insights, and more to deliver actionable insights. This process can take anywhere between 8-16 weeks to complete.

Step 4 - Clean & Analyze Data

After we collect any survey data, a key step of our process is to clean and analyze the data to deliver accurate insights. Through meticulous scrutiny, we eliminate errors, ensuring data integrity. Our thorough analysis unveils patterns and trends crucial for informed decision-making.

Step 5 - Deliver Market Research Report

We deliver your finished market research report in-person during a thorough review session and share the final report with you digitally. We pride ourselves in providing clear and easy-to-understand insights that prioritize data storytelling. We use dynamic visuals and clear explanations to identify trends and illuminate the story behind the numbers to drive action and business success.

We Offer A Wide Range

Research Services

Survey Research

Understand the effectiveness of your communications content, channels and team with our pDiscover insights that drive success with our comprehensive survey research services. From crafting impactful questionnaires to analyzing data trends, our experienced team ensures we reach the right audience and deliver precise results to drive action for your business.

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Desktop Research

There is so much information available in the public domain - how do you begin to make sense of it? Based on the needs of your project, we will explore vast data repositories for you and extract relevant information to fuel your decision-making. From industry trends to identifying valuable public data, trust us to deliver concise, actionable insights, empowering you to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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Competitive Research

We help you stay steps ahead in your industry with our comprehensive competitive research. We provide a thorough analysis of market dynamics, your competition, and identify strategic opportunities. We dig deep to provide a cohesive understanding of your competitive landscape, so that you can make informed decisions and leapfrog the competition.

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Focus Groups & Interviews

Refine your strategies with our tailored focus group and one-on-one interview process. We help you uncover in-depth perspectives and insights. Our expert facilitators guide meaningful dialogues, providing valuable qualitative data about your customers.

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