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Driving Transformational Growth

Fratzke is a human-centered strategic consulting firm that arms business leaders with tools to achieve their top priorities within Digital Marketing, Communications & Culture and Brand Strategy.

After working for 35+ years with top brands including Disney, Walmart, Patagonia and Dollar Tree, we wanted to bring our expertise to mid-size businesses and enterprises looking to scale, grow and outpace their competition.

We combine our experience with leading brands, along with our extensive industry knowledge and data-fueled insights, to supercharge your brand growth and set your team up for success.  

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We are a strategic consulting firm.

It’s important to us that you know we are not an agency. We are a strategic consulting firm. We have nothing against agencies. In fact, our partners have deep experience working at and with agencies. We love agencies! We just aren’t one.

So, what exactly is the difference? As a consulting firm, we:

Work with you to identify and provide the right solution instead of pre-packaged services

Become part of your team -  not just an add-on

Practice a research-driven approach fueled by data-driven insights

Provide the tools, research and advice necessary for in-house teams to develop and succeed 

Will make recommendations to help you find the best solution - even if it means we lose business 

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Meet Our Partners

Our founding partners have 35+ years experience working with top brands within Digital Marketing, Communications & Culture and Brand Strategy. We have a passion for helping mid-size businesses and enterprises drive transformational growth.

As a team, we are fueled by a desire to help and equip the brands and people we work with succeed. 

Our Human-Centered Approach

At Fratzke, it’s important to us to put the end user - whether that is our clients or the employees and consumers they serve - at the center of our consulting projects and partnerships, including our research, audits and recommendations. Leading with data-fueled insights and empathy, our human-centered approach puts people at the core of every communications, marketing and brand strategy.


Our clients come first, and we pride ourselves in delivering a level of service that goes above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations. Our clients often consider us a part of their team because of how closely we work in partnership together over the short and long term.


A company is only as good as its people. That’s why it’s so important to have an employee-first mindset when tackling key initiatives within our Communications & Culture consulting practice. We work with our clients to create human-centered strategies that begin with empathy, prioritize employee well being and are designed to help you reach your goals.


Consumers are increasingly bringing their full selves to their buying decisions, including core values and preferences. We work with brands to use data to develop a fully human and data-driven understanding of their audience in order to develop effective Marketing and Brand Strategies that inspire action and loyalty.

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