Ryan Fratzke Joins Advisory Board of CSUF Center for Family Business

Fullerton, CA, May 2023 – Fratzke Consulting proudly announces that Ryan Fratzke, a partner at the firm, has been appointed to the advisory board of the CSUF Center for Family Business. This new role highlights his commitment to supporting family businesses and contributing to their success in the dynamic business environment.

As a member of the advisory board, Ryan will leverage his extensive expertise in digital marketing and strategic communications to provide valuable insights and guidance to family-owned businesses associated with the Center. His role will involve participating in strategy sessions, offering expert advice, and helping to shape the future direction of the Center’s initiatives.

Key Contributions Ryan Fratzke Will Bring to the Board:

  • Innovative Strategy Implementation: Ryan’s background in digital marketing and brand strategy will assist family businesses in adapting to and thriving in the digital age.
  • Educational Engagement: Ryan is expected to participate in workshops and seminars, providing practical advice and sharing best practices in business management and growth.
  • Community Support: His role will also focus on strengthening the community of family businesses by fostering collaboration and networking among members.

Ryan’s appointment to the advisory board is not only a testament to his professional achievements but also reflects Fratzke Consulting’s deep dedication to the growth and sustainability of family businesses.

For more information about Fratzke Consulting’s involvement with the CSUF Center for Family Business or to inquire about services for family-owned businesses, please visit

About Fratzke Consulting: Fratzke is a human-centered strategic consulting firm that arms business leaders with tools to achieve their top priorities within Digital Marketing, Communications & Culture and Brand Strategy.


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