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The effects of COVID-19 propelled companies of all sizes, including midsize businesses, to upgrade their marketing in the digital ecosystem more than ever before. While many of our clients started 2020 with digital marketing strategies in place, every single one of them pivoted throughout the year to adjust to evolving consumer trends. 

With online e-commerce growing 27.6% in 2020 alone, digital marketers are now looking to the consumer to illustrate what trends will stick around and what behaviors will change in 2021 and beyond. 

Read on for Fratzke’s recommendations on how to address emerging post pandemic digital trends. Or, connect with us 1-on-1 in a free consultation to level up your digital marketing efforts. 

Redefine Customer Personas

Your customers’ needs and desires changed in 2020. It is essential to meet customers where they are, regardless of how many evolutions they may go through in a given time period. 

Many customers lost their financial footing during the pandemic and will now be more selective than ever when making a purchase or booking a service. Uncovering the ever-changing challenges your customers face will give you the opportunity to address their concerns directly. 

We recommend reviewing recent online reviews and customer feedback, diving deep into why your customers are sharing areas of opportunity or triumph. What is the core of their concern? How can your midsize business delight them?

Take it a step further by surveying your customer base. Whether you post a few polls on your Instagram Stories or share a survey with your most engaged email subscribers, your customers will share valuable insight into how their purchasing decisions have shifted in the last year. 

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Bolster Customer Support Opportunities

Customers are conducting more online research than ever before. They’re searching Google with long-tail keywords on their mobile phones, looking for prompt answers to their questions. 

As a midsize business, your brand should act as a thought leader within your industry. Engaging with customers across platforms bolsters their trust in your company. It assures them that you are actively listening to their needs and doing all you can to offer solutions. 

Each year, $1.6 trillion is lost due to poor customer service. To combat this, customer support resources must be plentiful. Your website should include comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions. Ideally, a customer support specialist is readily available to chat with online, over the phone, or via email. 

These 1-on-1 interactions act as an opportunity to add a cherry on top of every customer experience. It’s the difference between securing a lifelong fan rather than a one-time purchase.

Invest in Your Website

A seamless and intuitive customer journey on your website and/or app is imperative across desktop and mobile devices. According to a study conducted by Google, 50% of people won’t consider purchasing from a brand that has a poorly designed mobile site. 

Customers are quick to jump to a competitor if your webpage loads slowly. In fact, website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of load time between seconds 0-5. Compress and optimize your images, reduce redirects, cache your web pages, and minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to improve your site’s speed. 

We also recommend streamlining product availability and reducing payment issues by creating crystal-clear stores, error messages, and website navigation.  

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Many midsize businesses fail to maximize the potential of existing marketing content. To spotlight a digital leader, 92% of HubSpot’s blog leads originate from old posts. In fact, 46% of their monthly leads came from 30 blog posts alone. 

What makes blogging such a valuable marketing tool is its ability to generate recurring organic traffic. There is an opportunity to recycle high-traffic, high-converting blog posts into new digital mediums like short-form video. 

Another way to harness the power of dated blog posts is to optimize high-converting posts that generate less traffic. By optimizing these posts for search engines, more organic leads will be directed to your website. 

Evolve with Your Audience

As consumer trends continue to ebb and flow in the digital marketing ecosystem, we encourage midsize businesses to test and adjust. Use clearly defined metrics to track what your clients enjoy and what opportunities still remain. 

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