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Measure your marketing performance with trusted industry data

From decreasing budgets to changing consumer behaviors, the stakes have never been higher for leaders to make smarter, faster marketing decisions. Our Digital Marketing Benchmark Audit can help you prioritize your team's time, resources and budget. We've identified the most relevant digital marketing benchmarks within our audit framework, so that we can compare your digital marketing performance with trusted industry data to understand your marketing team's strengths and opportunities.

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Gain 360 degrees of clarity.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to fully understand your brands performance and position in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Fratzke's digital marketing audit is your secret to:


Get reliable benchmark data you need to make faster, smarter decisions


Allocate your digital marketing budget confidently, based on real data


Gain a deep understanding of your team’s strengths and opportunities


Leverage competitive intel and benchmarks to chart a strategic path forward


Gain insights that improve your performance and business growth


Traffic and Engagement
Mobile and Site Speed
User Experience


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Local Search
Paid SEM

Path to Purchase

Conversion Experience
Customer Experience
Content Marketing

Digital Channels

Email Marketing
Social Media

Benchmark your performance in 4 KEY AREAS

How does your marketing stack up? Use our marketing benchmarks to understand your organization's position in the digital ecosystem. Fratzke will use our proprietary audit framework to assess your performance, people, process, platforms, and partners in four key areas: Website, Search, Path to Purchase, and Digital Channels.

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How our audit works


Performance Data


Expert & Competitive Analysis

How our audit works: Capture Performance Data from your Digital Presence.
Fratzke's Digital Benchmark Audit Delivers Key Insights.


Key Insights

How our digital marketing audit works


Performance Data


Expert & Competitive Analysis


Key Insights

How our audit works: Capture Performance Data from your Digital Presence.
Fratzke's Digital Benchmark Audit Delivers Key Insights.

What you'll receive as part of your

Digital Marketing Benchmark Audit

Your comprehensive digital marketing audit

Get a full understanding of your organization's digital marketing presence in our comprehensive audit report. Our report includes an executive summary, along with key performance data across hundreds of metrics, benchmark, deep analysis, scores and best practice recommendations.

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Measure the key performance indicators that matter most

In our proprietary benchmark audit we've consolidated and distilled the digital marketing industry's most relevant benchmarks so that you can see how your performance stacks up.

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Fratzke's Team of Unbiased Experts Reviewing Client Strategy

Determine if your marketing stacks up to the competition

How does your digital marketing stack up to the competition? We'll provide key competitive insights and analysis of your top three competitors within your audit report.

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Team of Fratzke Experts Reviewing Competitive Analysis Data

Gain an understanding of your marketing team's effectiveness

In addition to benchmarks and competitive analysis, we measure and assess your team's digital marketing strategy and operational effectiveness through our Five Ps Framework, which include: Performance, Process, People, Platforms and Process.  

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Running your own audit can be painful.
Unlock the power of our digital marketing audit.

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Access hundreds of data points and expert analysis of your brand's digital efforts across the digital ecosystem.

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Let our team guide you through our proven process and cut down hundreds of hours of work.

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Tap into one of the most comprehensive archives of digital marketing performance benchmarks.

We can help answer your most critical digital marketing questions.

  • How does my marketing performance compare to my competitors?
  • Is my team performing at their best?
  • How should I allocate my digital marketing budget?
  • Are our marketing goals realistic?
  • How could my digital marketing strategy be improved for growth?
  • What should my strategic objectives be for this coming year?
  • What gaps should I fill with partners?
  • What areas of my marketing strategy are working well?

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