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Digital Marketing Analytics

Our digital marketing analytics team leverages a proprietary blend of tools, reporting and insights to pull back the curtain and uncover how you and your competitors are performing online.

Collect the data.

We start with a Digital Transformation Audit - a 236-point inspection of your brand’s performance across the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing. Our team leverages powerful analytics to focus our marketing efforts on the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to grow your brand.

Interpret the data.

Looking at raw marketing data can feel like reading a book upside down. It takes time and dedication to isolate the data points that matter in your market. Fratzke specializes in gathering complex information and drawing strategic conclusions. We’ll help you focus your efforts on the digital marketing strategies that move the needle and maximize your ROI.

Present the data.

You’re an expert in your business. We’re experts in digital marketing. Our monthly reports provide your team with the marketing analytics you need to identify trends, growth opportunities and what is working so that we can maximize our efforts in those key areas. Our ongoing support will help you gain a deeper understanding of how your digital marketing functions and performs.

360 degrees of insightful reporting.

Fratzke delivers reporting and insights that capture a 360-degree view of your company’s digital marketing performance. We’ll meet regularly with your team to review the latest information and ensure our efforts are aligned with industry trends and business growth opportunities.

Performance Rollup Report

One point of reference with data and analytics that measure the impact of your digital presence for your brand.

Data Analysis With Strategic Insights

Data-driven recommendations for your digital marketing efforts based on the latest information available.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

An ongoing assessment of your digital rivals.

Digital Ecosystem Insights & Analysis

The latest industry and digital marketing trends to help you stay on the cutting edge with your digital marketing strategies.


Your company’s website is the cornerstone of your digital presence. We can optimize or even build a new site that sets the right tone to authentically connect with your customers online.


We ensure that your brand is presented to potential customers when they search for information related to your products and services.

Content Marketing

We leverage targeted content to establish your brand as an expert in your space.

Local Search

When someone nearby searches for your products and services, we can position your brand to reach them before the national brands.

Email Marketing

Establish a personal connection with an engaged audience. The right message in your customer’s inbox can drive sales with minimal expense.

Digital Ads

Generate fast growth with sophisticated targeting to customers ready to make a buying decision.

Social Media

This fast-changing environment requires the right messaging to communicate with your customers.We’ll help you optimize your channels.

Reputation Management

By strategically engaging with customer reviews, we can build and enhance your online reputation.

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