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Why should my mid-size business have a digital ads strategy?

As hard as it may be to believe… consumers really do click on those digital ads. Over the years, Google has made it harder to determine which links are organic and which ones are paid for. Winning brands know how to use digital advertising to acquire new customers and grow the bottomline.


of people said they’d click on a Google ad.

(Search Engine Land)


of consumers click on mobile ads at least weekly.

(Business Wire)


of consumers can recall a specific brand they have seen advertised on mobile in the last week

(Business Wire)

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Digital Ads services for your mid-size business.

Digital ads can be a great channel to find new customers, but many agencies are not transparent about how your money is being spent. Needless to say, all digital ads experts are not created equally. Fratzke follows a documented process with a track record of ROI.

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Trusted by industry leading mid-size companies.

“The Fratzke team has become an extension of our company and contributed significantly to us becoming the leading investment bank in the SMB software space. Great service and great results. Recommend them highly.”

Mark MacLeod | Chief Executive Officer

“Fratzke Media’s Consulting Partnership has been a game changer for us. Their consultative and holistic approach helps my marketing team embrace digital while leveling up our marketing strategies. Hosa’s marketing dollars have been well spent!”

Mayumi Allison | Chief Executive Officer

“We are incredibly pleased with the partnership between Factory Reproductions and Fratzke Media. They have been an immense help in creating and implementing our digital marketing strategies. Thanks to their guidance, our digital presence has grown exponentially resulting in a significant increase in our ecommerce sales.”

Daelin Winters | Head of Marketing

Unmatched Digital Ads capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions:

How is a Digital Ads Consultancy different than an Agency?

Fratzke is a Digital Marketing Consultancy. How is that different from an Agency? The best way to showcase the difference between the two models is that as a Consultancy, we teach our clients how to fish so they can eat for a lifetime. An Agency prefers to give their clients a pre-prepared fish… as long as the check clears each month. In other words, we believe in educating you on the Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics we are leveraging to make digital your competitive edge and drive business growth. This helps you understand how everything works and why it is important. In the long run, this means that our clients will build their internal marketing muscle and one day transform into a digital leader.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultancy to Help with Digital Ads?

Fratzke works with mid-size companies in multiple industries with varying local, national, and international footprints. Before partnering with Fratzke, we’ve often found our clients were trying to wear too many hats or they put their head in the sand altogether when it came to digital marketing. Why should you be the Chief Operating / Marketing / Financial / EVERYTHING Officer? Save yourself the headache and bring in digital ad experts.

What is Fratzke’s Perspective on Digital Ads and Digital Marketing for Mid-Size Businesses?

Fratzke takes a holistic approach to digital marketing. This is why we look at the entire digital ecosystem when building our client's strategies. Digital ads is one of the 8 Channels of Digital Marketing that we use to help make digital your competitive edge. The reality of today's consumer is that they expect more out of companies and just having a website is not enough. Digital ads can expand your reach to potential customers with a trackable ROI.