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Connect your brand with its next customer at the exact moment they’re ready to make a purchasing decision. Our strategic guidance helps you maximize the impact of every dollar spent to deliver growth for your business.

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Maximize your digital impact.

There are a growing number of platforms offering generic advertising packages in an effort to monetize their user-base. Whether it’s a social media platform or a search engine, you deserve to understand how every dollar is being used to generate new customers for your company. Fratzke is a digital advertising consultant that can provide you with an in-depth understanding of how your marketing dollars are being spent. We’ll help you look behind the scenes to identify opportunities and increase the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

Data-driven guidance.

Our digital advertising experts provide data-driven guidance based on how your marketing campaigns are performing. Identifying opportunities to improve your approach on-the-fly can prevent your company from burning through advertising dollars on underperforming channels. We also keep an eye on your competitors - looking for new opportunities to help you leapfrog the competition. Digital advertising happens 24/7. If your marketing team is asleep at the switch, you could miss out on your next customer.

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