Fratzke Consulting Speak at AMA Event on Culture-Centric Communications

Orange County, CA – Leaders from Fratzke Consulting, Lisa and James Fratzke, joined by Amy from Xperi, shared their insights as panelists at the American Marketing Association (AMA) event titled "Culture-Centric Communications - How to Respond to Cultural Demands of Employees and Consumers." Ryan Fratzke facilitated the engaging discussion.

The event, designed for communication professionals, executives, and business owners, focused on the evolving cultural demands shaping today’s corporate landscapes. The panelists discussed how companies can effectively align their communications with the cultural values of employees and consumers to drive engagement, loyalty, and profitability.

Key topics included strategies for engaging employees to foster a positive company culture, leveraging communications to reflect the core values of companies and consumers, and the necessity of adapting brand messaging to meet current social expectations. The panel emphasized that missing the mark in these areas could lead to significant risks, including disruption by cultural activism. On the other hand, effective culture-centric communications can transform employees and consumers into passionate advocates for the brand.

The importance of purpose and culture in shaping both internal and external communications was highlighted as crucial for promoting products, company values, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and diversity & inclusion efforts.

Fratzke Consulting remains committed to leading the way in providing strategic communications that are not only effective but also culturally attuned and socially responsible.

About Fratzke Consulting:

Fratzke is a human-centered strategic consulting firm that arms business leaders with tools to achieve their top priorities within Digital Marketing, Communications & Culture, and Brand Strategy.


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