Ryan Fratzke Appointed to the Advisory Board for CSUF School of Business Marketing Department

Fullerton, CA, Feb 2020 – Fratzke Consulting is pleased to announce that Ryan Fratzke, a partner at the firm, has been appointed to the advisory board of the California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) School of Business Marketing Department. This role underlines Ryan's dedication to fostering education and professional development in the field of marketing.

In his new capacity as a board member, Ryan will contribute his wealth of knowledge and industry experience to help shape the curriculum and strategic direction of the marketing department. His involvement is expected to bridge the gap between academic theories and practical, real-world marketing applications, providing students with valuable insights and enhanced career readiness.

Ryan’s Contributions to the Advisory Board Will Include:

  • Curriculum Development: Assisting in the design and update of course materials to reflect current marketing trends and technologies.
  • Mentorship: Offering mentorship opportunities and career advice to students, helping to prepare them for successful careers in marketing.
  • Industry Partnerships: Facilitating partnerships between the university and leading businesses to enhance learning opportunities and keep the curriculum relevant and impactful.

Ryan's appointment is a reflection of his passion for education and Fratzke Consulting’s commitment positively impact the next generation of marketing professionals.

For more information about Ryan Fratzke’s role with the CSUF School of Business Marketing Department or to learn more about Fratzke Consulting's services, please visit

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