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Our Marketing Services

Fratzke is a team of Digital Marketing Consultants laser focused on delivering guidance that results in real ROI. Generating traffic isn’t enough. We judge our effectiveness based on how well we are able to connect your brand with your perfect customer.

Digital marketing consulting vs. agency services.

As a digital marketing consultancy, one of our core values is to teach - not to reach. This means that when we identify a new opportunity to enhance your digital footprint, we want to teach you about it - empowering you to make an informed decision and execute on our advice.

Digital marketing agencies
, on the other hand, reach for new opportunities to increase your invoice. Clients prefer our digital marketing consultancy because we transparently provide you with the digital marketing insights, strategies and tools you need in order to connect with your next customer.

Partner with a digital marketing expert.

Our process starts with a deep-dive into your business and market. Who are your digital competitors? What are they doing to outperform you? What is the current state of your digital presence? Our customized approach helps us focus in on strategies that move the needle and maximize the ROI of your digital marketing. Together, we’ll chart a path forward to help connect your brand with your target market. 

This is a fundamental difference in our approach as a consultancy - you gain a partner that seeks to fully understand your business and walks with you every step of the way.

Grow your business.

Our consultancy was born out of a deep desire to help businesses like yours grow. Digital marketing is complex. It’s always changing. And getting it right has never been more important for your brand. Agencies often craft and execute campaigns that deliver short term results. As a consultancy, Fratzke provides you with the insights and support you need to reach new customers and execute on your long-term goals. 

Our innovative approach - centered around data-driven teaching - gives you the tools you need to cross the gap from where your business is today to where you want to go.

Are you ready to leapfrog the competition?