Women in Tech and the Golden Age of SEO

Sarah Bird
James Fratzke
Head of Client Success
Fratzke Media
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On each episode of the LEADERS podcast, host James Fratzke, will interview a proven leader, CEO, entrepreneur, or founder and unpack their story of success. There’s this quote by Sir Isaac Newton “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” And that’s what the LEADERS podcast is all about. It's an opportunity for us to stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from their journey.

About the host:
James Fratzke

James Fratzke is a Co-Founder and Head of Client Success at Fratzke Media. His passion for storytelling comes from his time at the Walt Disney Company where he and his team executed record-breaking media events. He has helped tell the stories of major brands like Dollar Tree, Advance Auto Parts, and Jelly Belly.

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Moz is hands down one of the best, if not the best resource online for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I had the privilege of talking with the CEO of Moz, Sarah Bird. We took a deep dive on why this is the “Golden Age of SEO” and we discussed Sarah's dynamic leadership style. Our conversation kicks off with women in tech and why she prefers not to be called a "Woman CEO."  Please enjoy my insightful conversation with Sarah Bird.