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On each episode of the LEADERS podcast, host James Fratzke, will interview a proven Leader, CEO, Entrepreneur, or Founder and unpack their story of success. There’s this quote by Sir Isaac Newton “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” And that’s what LEADERS is all about. It's an opportunity for us to stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from their journey.

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How to Build and Exit Your Business

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Season 1 of leaders

Exiting Your Business

With StreetFight Co-Founder Laura Rich

Taking Risks

With Paysa CEO & Founder Chris Bolte

Discipline is Freedom

With QuickBridge President Ben Gold

Good Ideas & Sleepless Nights

With Aisle411 CEO Nathan Pettyjohn

You Need to Pivot

With Vendasta CEO Brendan King

Fight For Your Life

With SparkToro Founder Rand Fishkin

Something New

With SparkToro Founder Rand Fishkin

The Dying Art of Hard Work Ethic

Crexendo CEO Steve Mihaylo

Scratch Your Own Itch

Pedego Electric Bikes CEO Don DiCostanzo

Make Your Own Way

With Former Johnny Rockets CEO Charles Bruce

Lessons from the Shark Tank

With The Founders of Bouquet Bar

The Art of Giving a Damn

With Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber

Great for people who want to learn!

"I’m in love with this podcast. James has a way of asking down to earth questions. The leaders are very open and share great advice."

by Planeteers, unite!

Great leaders and great questions.

"I’d give this podcast 6 stars if I could. I like the long format. It gives the conversation room to breath. Ive been taking so many notes."

by Bean.O

So much to learn here!

"James does a great job of leading the conversation down a path of discovery."

by Ryan.s.f

Your Host:

James Fratzke is a Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Fratzke Media. His passion for storytelling comes from his time at the Walt Disney Company where he and his team executed record-breaking media events. He has helped tell the stories of major brands like Dollar Tree, Advance Auto Parts, and Jelly Belly.
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